Used Auto Parts, Service, and Sales

With more than 16 million new cars sold in the US anually, there is an ever increasing need to better manage vehicles going out of service. ON Automotive aims to effectively and efficiently dismantle vehicles and become the mega distributor for used auto parts.  This will be done by eliminating the need for “junk yards” or salvage yards and creating a positive customer experience. Cars purchased by ON Automotive will be evaluated and then processed immediately. Any parts to be re-used and sold will be cleaned, packaged, and inventoried ready for sale. Any scrap will be loaded onto a trailer and sent off to a recycling facility. All vehicles evaluated for resale will be repaired, detailed and parked for display.

Startup at the Hyrum location will focus on refining the process, automotive repair, and car sales. After startup, ON Automotive will pursue the acquisition of salvage yards all over the country. This will allow greater access and availability to vehicles and parts. At each new location the land will be cleared and made ready for reclamation and development. Transforming each location into desirable commercial property that can be sold, leased and developed will not only benefit the communities but also allow ownership of hundreds of locations to more effectively distribute thousands of used auto parts.